2 things you can do to improve visibility for your WordPress website right now!

Hello, Olubunmi again.

I\\\’ve met quite a number of entrepreneurs and trainers who didn\\\’t know a thing about optimizing their websites. All they know is that they paid someone to design something with content and beautiful pictures and they put the address on their flyers and call cards.

Fair enough, but that\\\’s not quite enough.

Just having a static website will not land you on the first page of a Google search by a potential customer, neither will it give you much credibility in the eyes of people who visit without knowing who you are and what you are capable of.

So what two, easy things can you do today to boost your website\\\’s online visibility?

1. Specify a search friendly title and tagline.

If you have access to the back end of your WordPress website, go to the settings tab, click on general settings, change the site title and tagline using industry related keywords and phrases. While at it, you should also change the time zone to your local time zone as this also helps with local search visibility.

2. Start a blog

If you have a website and no blog on it, you are Underutilizing your website.

A blog brings a dynamic element to any website. This means that there\\\’s something new (and relevant) being added from time to time. This helps to boost your visibility as well and so much more if your posts are also optimized for search visibility.

Of course, you don\\\’t need to blog everyday. In actual fact, you can set your blog to auto run once a month. I\\\’ll teach how to do that in my soon coming online course (click here to know when I launch it and get early bird discount + bonuses).

In the meantime, you can also click here download my FREE online visibility checklist to know more of the things you should be doing to build online visibility and credibility as an entrepreneur or trainer so that you can make more impact and more profit!


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