3 must haves for building Online Visibility

Do you want to build visibility for your personal, corporate or business brand online?⠀
These three things must be in place:⠀

1. A website or a blog: If you don\\\’t agree that you need this, then frankly, you are not yet serious about building sustainable online visibility. A website is a self controlled platform that acts as the epicenter of all your online activities. All your online activities should ultimately lead to traffic on your website.⠀

2. Social media presence and consistent activities on relevant platform(s). Many of us complain about not having \\\”time\\\” for social media yet we want people to know, like and trust us online. How???⠀
You have to be ready to get rid of your excuses because if it means anything to you, you would definitely create time for it. Luckily there are certain tools and apps that could make it less time consuming. This is taught in my signature 6 weeks visibility coaching program. ⠀

3. If I google you, your church, your brand, will I find relevant and up to date information?

If I #Google your local industry, do you have enough self hosted, earned, paid or shared articles about you to put you on the first page of search engines?⠀

I\\\’ll stop here, the remaining will be shared with members of my online visibility course group 😁. Want to join? Click here for early bird registration.

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