3 reasons you need to start blogging for visibility now!

If you are interested in building influence and visibility beyond the walls of Instagram, twitter and Facebook, then you should consider setting up a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

So why do you need to blog?

1. Social media is fleeting:

I hope I\\\’m not sounding like a broken record? Imagine all the great content you are putting out here wiped out in a second because somebody made a complaint about something you posted, you mistakenly deleted your account or you violated a term?

Heartbreaking right? It doesn\\\’t really have to be so bad if you have the content on your blog as well. Another great thing about a self hosted blog is that you can download your content from time to time so even if something happens to your blog (highly unlikely), you still have your content and you can reinstall.

2. You attract people who really need you:

When someone visits your blog, it\\\’s highly likely the person did a search and your post came up or somebody else referred him or her to your blog because they thought \\\”you may need to see this\\\”, or you shared it on social media and somebody saw and went \\\”this is exactly what I need!\\\”. Yes there are tons of prospects on Social media but it there are also tons of non prospects.

It\\\’s like two people fishing for catfish. One is fishing from an ocean, the other from a catfish pond. The one fishing from an ocean has a wider reach but he may have to put a lot of non cat fishes back before he finally catches one cat fish, however, even though the pond is really small, because it\\\’s a cat fish pond, chances are the other guy will catch a catfish fast!

3. Blogs can be easily optimized for search:

Have you ever searched for something in particular and found that the top 5 results included a social Media profile? I haven\\\’t!
This only happens when I search for people. But when I search for keywords and phrases like \\\”How to\\\”, \\\”where can I?\\\” \\\” Who is?\\\”, I see results from blog articles. Why? Because when you are blogging for visibility, your post titles, meta title, slug can be crafted in such a way that when people make enquiries on search engines about that issue, the search algorithms are in your favor.

I must however say that setting up a blog only will not get you to the promised land of online Visibility even though it\\\’s a huge step in the right direction.

There are some other things you need to consider and put in place and I have outlined most of them in my Online Visibility checklist for trainers, coaches and consultants. You can download it here (it\\\’s absolutely FREE!) and use it to assess your current level of visibility so you can make improvements.

You can also share the download link with friends who need it. Here\\\’s the link again.

I hope to hear from you after downloading and using this guide.

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