4 tips for building thought leadership online as a Professional

I have spoken with quite a number of people who are loaded with great stuff but are hiding because they don’t want to be sucked into the insane and fake life of the world wide web.
And I understand all too well what they mean. It’s so easy to start questioning yourself, your abilities, your processes, your results and so on. It’s easy to compare yourself to what you see others display.

It’s very easy to lose your ‘sanity’ as it were. So what some people have decided to do is to stay off completely.

However, this is not the best solution. We cannot standby complaining about everything going wrong while doing nothing about it.
There has to be a balance.

As a Christian, I understand the power of solitude and meditation. There’s also a Yoruba adage that is translated thus “a ram that retreats during a fight will come charging back with power.

Here’s what I do:
1. Immerse myself (I really try to though sometimes I fail) daily in the word of God where I get to know and understand who I am. Whatever works for you here.

2. Periodically take some days of social media to be present at home, work and with myself.

3. Balance online visibility with offline reality. I ask myself am I getting results (ROI) in real life or am I just getting known online?

I hope these 3 points help someone today. Feel free to share with friends who need it.

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Have a fantastic week!

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