5 ways to share your magic with the world

Hello there, my name is Olubunmi. You are welcome to my new blog. I\\\’ve actually been blogging for 12 years but in 2017, I took a break from personal blogging to focus on my businesses . Now I\\\’m back to blogging because there\\\’s so much I have to share personally that can\\\’t be done through my business blogs.

I\\\’m sure you also have something to share and that\\\’s why I\\\’ve started this new blog to help you get familiar with Digital technology as a tool for impact and income growth.

Today, I\\\’d like to tell you 5 Ways to Share Your Magic With The World Using Digital Technology.

1. Text: Writing is a very good way of getting your messages across to others especially if you are camera shy.

2. Audio: Did you know that you can record and send your messages in audio format? This is especially good if you have a nice, soothing voice and or if your message is in song format.

3. Picture: Still images allow you to let people into your world in 2D. People can see who is behind the messages, they can also see behind the scenes.

4. Video: This is the best option in 2019. According to a survey, 80% of communication that converts is now both visual and auditory. Music videos, training videos, inspirational videos, funny videos all allow messages to be shared in a captivating manner that keeps people coming for more.

5. Combination: A combination of text and audio, text and video, pictures and audio and so on can also be used to reach people.

Whatever your message or personality, you should be able to use at least one ( I\\\’ve used all) of these methods of Digital communication.

You are free to share which ones you have used and which ones you would like to try in the comment section.

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