How to build a speaking, coaching or consulting business on the side as an entrepreneur or corporate professional.

Because the world needs your magic!

Thanks to technology you can build a visible, profitable and fulfilling side hustle as a trainer, coach or consultant while running your business or working on your 9-5.

The key is to understand yourself, your schedule and your goals, build visibility, credibility and thought leadership, set a proper business structure for your side hustle, and then network, network, network!

Let\\\’s take these points one by one.

1. Understand yourself, your schedule and your goals: Who am I? How much time can I devote to my dreams? What do I hope to achieve with this side hustle?

2. Business structure: How am I running this side hustle? Is it an online business, offline or both? Am I going in solo or getting other people involved? Who is my ideal client? What is profit to me as far as this is concerned?

What bills will I incur as a result of running this?

How will I generate income from this new venture?

3. Build visibility, credibility and thought leadership: Using the 5 digital marketing means, let people know about you, what you have to offer and about this gig.

4. Network : Meet and mingle with people who are already walking the walk. Be genuinely interested in them and be in touch. Don\\\’t be afraid to ask for referrals and leads from people in your network.

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