Olubunmi Fajuyigbe

Olubunmi is the Initiator of She Learns Here initiative for skills empowerment, a non profit that inspires, trains and supports female entrepreneurs with business and digital skills as well as funding opportunities.

Olubunmi is also the founder of My figure 8 wellness and events, a wellness company for Urban families with special focus on women, schools and corporate organizations through a wellness hub in Ibadan, Wellness events and Fitfam exercise games™.

She is the secretary of the OBB foundation, an NGO founded by her late Dad, Oluwole Bamidele Banjo, Through which indigent but brilliant secondary school students in public schools are offered scholarships and no-interest loans are given to petty traders and artisans especially widows.

She was the co-convener of the holistic beautypreneur, a business conference for Beauty entrepreneurs in Ibadan. She also founded a mastermind group for Christian women called SWAP (Sister With A Purpose), where like minded women in business in Ibadan meet to discuss issues concerning Faith, Family, Business and Wellness.

She has a B.Sc. in Geology with a 2:1 grade and 4 academic awards from the University of Ibadan with 2 diplomas, one in digital marketing and another in human diet and nutrition, several certifications and recognition. She is a certified fitness trainer, dance instructor and wellness coach. She often describes herself as being addicted to learning.

Olubunmi loves to teach and impart knowledge, she has spoken and trained on several platforms such as Google business groups, Womenwill, MAYEIN, BSAS,  Advantage business school, and more. She is most excited teaching women and teen girls practical skills that will lead to economic empowerment.

 She is a WIMBIZ associate, a Cherie Blair foundation for women mentor and a Tony Elumelu Foundation fellow.

My Passion

Quick confession: I’m a nerd!

People who know me somewhat say i’m techy, some call me calories counter, bookworm, CEO and more. 

Those who know me really well however, know that beyond all the above, i’m just a girl who wants to make the world a better place. This I do by offering socially responsible business services, training speaking, coaching and through the non profits I’m involved with.

I aspire to be a UN women consultant and a TED and TEDx speaker to make a case for the economic and physical empowerment of women and girls.

I am often eager to teach and speak at programs that will not only motivate women and girls but leave them with a skill that is useful in life.

If you’d like to invite me to speak and teach at your event, please click on the button below.

My Goal

I believe that everyone who has a story needs a platform. Thankfully, the internet has given us so many options and platforms to rise, shine and make impact and profit! My goal is to support people who run initiatives and/or businesses that have the power to change the world (for at least one person), help them find their platform and become visible as well as profitable doing what they love (are called) to do.

If you'd like to know more about me, let's connect on social media