How I went from a shy, broke girl to a digitally savvy wellness business owner and trainer

In 2010, after working for 3+ years, I quit my banking job in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Ibadan, a neighboring but less vibrant city. As a prudent spender, I had quite a substantial savings and two skills, makeup artistry and bead making which I learnt during my NYSC and in University respectively.

When I got to Ibadan, I opened a very beautiful and well equipped makeup and beading studio at SB Plaza, Along Aleshinloye road. I had quite a number of peoplewalking in to ask what was going on. They would walk in and exclaim “wow! this is such a beautiful space, what do you do here?” To which I would reply that I was a makeup artist. Unfortunately, they just didn’t get it! Remember this was 2010 and at the time, I could count the number of makeup artists in Ibadan on my fingertips.

These people just couldn’t understand why they would pay as much as N25,000 at the time to have somebody rub powder on their faces because they were getting married.

I realized that the people around weren’t part of my ideal clients, and as a shy, not remotely social girl who just had a baby at the time, there was no way physically networking with the high and mighty in Ibadan was an option.

I eventually remembered that I used to blog anonymously while I was still a banker and I made quite a number of fans and friends from my blog. I decided to use this technique to start a blog titled Olubunmisays, to promote my business. I would do free makeup for friends and make posts about it, later, I started using Facebook pages as well.

Soon I was getting calls from people in other parts of Nigeria and other countries like America, UK, Canada who were coming to Ibadan and needed a makeup artist. I took a deeper dive and enrolled in several digital marketing and website design trainings to help my business become more visible.

In 2014, I became a certified wellness coach and fitness trainer. I launched a fitness club which has now become the holistic wellness business, My Figure 8 wellness and events, which comprises of MF8 gym and mini spa, Fitcafe by MF8, a healthy food cafe and meeting space and , a fitness card games product.

I designed the business website and used the same digital blueprint as before to promote the wellness business and I can say that over 80% of our clients are referred from Google searches.

Now I teach other business owners how to get their businesses online and become visible in Google searches


My Professional Bio

Olubunmi is a WellTech (wellness and technology) entrepreneur, digital skills trainer, and a freelance digital strategist who works with personal and business brands with a renewed focus on those in the wellness industry to set up foolproof digital strategies that will help them build authority, credibility, and visibility online. 

Her business, My figure 8 wellness, and events is a holistic wellness company offering fitness, nutrition, stress management, and supplementation products and services.

She is the Initiator of She Learns Here initiative for skills empowerment, a non-profit organization where women are taught and supported with digital skills to improve their lives and businesses.

She has spoken and trained on several platforms such as Advantage business school, Bezalel skills acquisition school, Advance school of business, Google business groups, Women will, International day of girls and women in STEM MAYEIN, and many more.

Olubunmi Fajuyigbe is a 2016 Tony Elumelu foundation fellow, an associate member of Wimbiz (Women in business, management and public service), a UNIDO HP-LIFE Entrepreneurship program trainer and a 2019 Cherie Blair foundation for women mentor.

My Passion

Quick confession: I’m a nerd!

People who know me somewhat say i’m techy, some call me calories counter, bookworm, CEO and more. 

Those who know me really well however, know that beyond all the above, i’m just a girl who wants to make the world a better place. This I do by offering socially responsible business services, training speaking, coaching and through the non profits I’m involved with.

I aspire to be a UN women consultant and a TED and TEDx speaker to make a case for the economic and physical empowerment of women and children.

I am often eager to teach and speak at programs that will not only motivate women but leave them with a skill that is useful in life.

I am open to training and speaking opportunities in the areas of wellness, digital skills and economic empowerment for women, as well as sponsorship and partnerships for our programs at www.shelearnshere.com

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