How to change your Instagram account to a business or creator account

If you run a business, ministry, coaching practice or any other thing that will require you running ads or getting acres to insights on your Instagram account, then you need to read this post and change your account from being a personal account to a creator or business account.

You may be wondering, “what’s the difference between a business and creator account?”? Well, let me answer from the little I know.

They both basically give you the same insights and all but a creator account is more suited to content creators like bloggers, influencers and agencies while a business account is better for regular businesses.

As a business owner having information about the type of people following you, their gender, age range, location and the type of posts they really like will help you create a foolproof Instagram marketing plan.

So how can you have to creator or business account? It takes just a few steps. Let’s get into it


Start by clicking on the Instagram menu button on your home page.


Then click on the settings buttons at the bottom of the menu page


Next, click on account
d finally choose whether you want to change your default personal account to a creator or business account. (Mine shows change to personal or business because its already a creator account.) From here, just follow the prompts and you’ll have yourself an account that is useful for your business.

I thought I should mention here that you cannot make a business or creator account private. So if you want to be able to approve new followers before the are added and can see your posts, then stick with the personal account.

If you would however like to make money on Instagram, you should check out this post where I give 5 tips on how to make your first sale on Instagram.

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