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Your brand needs to be visible online

It is possible for people to search for your business industry and location online, and find you. It is also possible for people to recommend you for funding, partnership and training opportunities because of your level of online visibility. 

I know these to be true, because both have (and still) happened to me.

My gym gets enquirers from Google on almost a daily basis, 90% of our clients come from online searches and referrals.

I’ve also been nominated for training opportunities like an all expense paid training for business and technology skills trainers by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNIDO, and more. 

Would you like to build online visibility for your brand?

Let me show you how!


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One off Coaching call

One hour coaching call at N20,000

One Month Coaching

2 hours weekly coaching sessions for four weeks at N100,000 .

One Quarter Coaching

2 hours weekly coaching sessions for twelve weeks at N250,000 .