Imagine This happening in the next 90 days...

*  Waking up to business inquiries on Whatsapp from people who really need your services and found your contact through Google searches

*  Getting multiple emails from potential clients who found you on online forums and platforms after searching Google for what they need

*  Not having to mark register on social media everyday because they said you have to post 3 times a day on Instagram and Facebook to get clients online. ( Can I get a Halleluyah?)

*  Not having to worry about getting customers online because you have them reaching out to you on their own. Instead, having enough time to focus on the services you love to render and making positive impact in people’s live as you do so

*  Becoming known as a thought leader in your field thereby attracting speaking, funding and other opportunities for your brand

*  Being able to boldly say, like Charles Inojie in the video below – “Visible service entrepreneurs like us, we no dey too look for customers like that. Na dem dey rush us!” 


You run a service business in a highly competitive or relatively new field and you don't know how to get the right people to know about you so that they can start patronizing your service business

You have attempted to build visibility on social media but it isn't working. You can't seem to get your left from your right and frankly, you don't have so much time to spend online daily

You have an idea about quite a number of online platforms but you are confused because you don't know which ones will work for you and why

You are a private person and would like to maintain your privacy and sanity so the thought of becoming visible online is quite overwhelming

You don't know where to start from. You have taken several free digital marketing and SEO trainings online but they all look like Greek to you

You feel you are not a very good writer so you are wondering how you will become visible. You don't want to invest in building a blog or website and end up having nothing to write on it that will help you build Google visibility

If these issues sound familiar, I feel your pain!

When I started my first business, I was a total newbie! I had just resigned from my 9-5 job for personal reasons and moved to another city where I didn’t have any clients. With my savings from the job, I opened a beautiful beauty & wellness studio and waited patiently for clients to come thronging in.

How wrong was I?

Admittedly, I was a very good makeup artist and teacher, but not many people knew that. I had a few walk in clients who were attracted by my store front. However, they weren’t my ideal clients.

Even though I was shy and introverted, I needed a way of getting word out about my services.

After much learning, trial and error, I found the answer! I discovered a way of attracting the right kind of clients who need the services I offered.

Since then, I've used this method to build visibility for my other businesses, and it has helped me to consistently get clients and attract opportunities

I teach this same method in my online course


Last year, I needed a sounding board, someone to talk to to about building visibility for my business. I reached out to Olubunmi and after just one visibility session, I felt at peace, like a pregnant woman who had just put to birth. She "borrowed me sense" as she is fond of saying.
Diekola Faleye
Etiquette trainer and consultant.
Bluewhale Etiquette Academy




By the end of this module you will know

  • How to discover your visibility persona so that you can be visible with peace of mind
  • How to document your visibility goals so that you have something to keep you grounded always
  • How to determine and reflect your core values in your visibility process so as to be visible on your own terms


By the end of this module you will know

  • How to know your ideal client so that you are not just throwing worms in the ocean hoping to catch just any kind of fish
  • How to locate your ideal client online so you don’t waste your time being active on platforms they would never visit
  • How to attract your ideal client online so that you can start laughing and saying “na dem dey rush us!”


By the end of this module you will know

  • How to communicate your brand essence in your online content
  • How to keep generating content that will attract, engage and convert your audience to paying customers even if you don’t think you are a good writer
  • How to generate the right kind of content that works for Google visibility 
  • What major online channels work for Google visibility


By the end of this module you will know

  • How to establish authority and credibility online in your area of expertise
  • How to make your ideal clients hungry for what you have to offer


By the end of this module you will know

  •  How to set up a practical course of action that will help you land on the first page of relevant Google searches so that you are always in the faces of those who need you
  • How to make your business location easy to find by those who discovered you online and don’t know where your store front is.
Since I've been applying Olubunmi's teachings on online visibility, I've gotten several clients, both individual and corporate, from Google.
Testimonial for Online search visibility coach and website designer
Adeife Abiodun Adeyemi
Event coordinator and educator.
Ifec'Tiv Touch Events

Because i'm nice like that, I'm also throwing in some bonuses!

Free access to Google forms for beginners

  • The beginner’s guide to creating forms, surveys and quizzes using Google forms

Free access to Keywords for Google visibility webinar

  • In this webinar, you will learn what keywords are and why they are important for promoting your service business online
  • How local search works and
  • How to discover relevant keywords that you can include in your content to improve your chances of getting to the first page of Google 

Free mobile graphics design training using Canva app

design like a pro
  • In this bonus course you will learn how to design featured images for your social media and blog posts.

Here are some of the many inquiries my business receives through Google visibility

I'm not done talking about the course yet, there's more!

When you enroll for Goolge visibility for servicepreneurs, you also get

Closed group membership

You will be added to a closed Facebook group with other enrolled students (past and present) for accountability and feedback

Individual coaching

WHen you enroll and join the closed group. A coach will be available to answer all your questions and respond to all your submitted course work

There are just 90 days between you and the level of Google visibility your awesome services deserve!

$185 / N66,600

You don’t have an ATM card? please click on the button below to request for an account to pay to

Meet the course instructor

Olubunmi Fajuyigbe

My name is Olubunmi Fajuyigbe, I am the Initiator of She Learns Here initiative for skills empowerment, a non profit that inspires, trains and supports female entrepreneurs with business and digital skills as well as funding opportunities.

I am also the founder of My figure 8 wellness and events, a wellness company for Urban families. We do this through My figure 8 gym in Ibadan, organizing of wellness events and Fitfam exercise games™.


As a shy girl, in the past 9+ years of running my business, I have employed the power of digital technology to build online visibility for my gym in Ibadan, authority and thought leadership for my personal brand as a trainer and digital strategist. 

At the gym, we constantly get enquiries from people who searched for a gym or spa in Ibadan and found us online. I have also gotten several training and speaking opportunities from people who found me online

I have a B.Sc. in Geology with a 2:1 grade and 4 academic awards from the University of Ibadan,  2 diplomas- one in digital marketing and another in human diet and nutrition, several certifications and recognition. 

I love to teach and impart knowledge, and I have spoken and trained on several platforms such as Google business groups, Womenwill, MAYEIN, BSAS,  Advantage business school, and more. I have been recognized as one of the top 50 women in Nigeria running initiatives that support girls and women in STEM.

 I am a WIMBIZ (women in business, management and corporate service) associate, a Cherie Blair foundation for women mentor and a Tony Elumelu Foundation fellow. I am also a certified trainer of the United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO) HP-LIFE Initiative for Business and IT skills.

This is what can happen if you enrol

  • Because your focus and message are clear, you will start getting calls from people who need exactly what you do. This means you do less work to convert them into paying customers because they reached out to you on their own.
  • Corporate organizations who need your services will search online, find you and reach out to you. All you need to do is do what you do best and close the deal!
  • You start getting invitations to speak and train at seminars and conferences because you have built authority and credibility in the process of building online visibility and people are now aware of your awesomeness.
  • You are chosen for funding opportunities because the funders were able to confirm that your business exists because they checked online and found pointers to your work. 

This is what can happen if you don't enrol

  • You keep struggling with finding customers on Instagram
  • You keep sitting in your shop/office waiting for the customers to show up
  • You miss out on the chance to touch and impact countless more lives
  • You miss out on some opportunities from funding organization, corporate sponsors and conference organizers because they searched but they did not find you
  • You stay confused about the online platforms that can boost your Google visibility

This course is for you if

  • You are planning to or already run a business that offers services like coaching, training, catering, makeup artistry… (part time or full time)
  • You are tired of struggling to get clients on social media by following what other people are doing
  • You are very good at what you do but not many people know about it
  • You know your business can touch lives, so you want to reach more people
  • If you want to become known as an expert in your field and start getting invitations to speak and teach
  • You are ready to invest 2-3 hours a week in working towards online visibility
online visibility for businesses and thought leaders


Most frequent questions and answers

No. Although it is highly advised that you have a website. In modules 4 and 5, I teach other ways you can build Google visibility even if you don’t have a website.

No, If you are planning to start a service providing business soon, I’d advise you take the course so that you can start with a bang!

I wouldn’t advise you to. The method I Share in this particular course is for entrepreneurs who offer services like coaching, training, makeup, laundry, school proprietors and so on. If I get a reasonable number of enquiries, I can consider creating another course for productpreneurs.

Not at all. All the videos have been pre-recorded and grouped into modules which will be made available every other week.

An investment of 2-3 hours weekly should be sufficient for watch the week’s videos, doing your coursework and engaging on the Facebook group.

No. The fee is non refundable and non transferable.

Please send an email to I’ll be more that glad answer them.

Ready to start attracting the right people and opportunities online?

Don’t have an ATM card? You can make a transfer to UBA account number 1019878817 in favour of My Figure 8 W&E and then send an email with evidence of payment to

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