Make your first sale on Instagram

5 tips on how to make your first sale on Instagram

Instagram is a very unique platform that requires it’s own kind of strategy if you would make any sales on it. I’ve made considerable sales on Instagram with my little followers, and since it’s very easily accessible to most small business owners, I want to share some tips on how to make your first sale on Instagram even if you don’t have many followers.

  1. Change your account type: The first thing is to ensure that your Instagram account is a business or creator account. This will allow you to be able to see your page insights and able to boost your posts with ads.

What are page insights and why do you need them?

Page insights are statistics of who follows you, their age range, gender, location and details of your posts popularity and more.

Having insights will help you sell the right products and services because you know who you are selling to.

Click here to read my post on how to change your account to a business or creator account to make it easy for you to make your first sale on Instagram.

2. Analyze your popular posts: Look at the posts that get you the most engagement, is there a pattern? Why do you think they are popular? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can now create a sales plan using similar posts.

3. Sell what your audience wants: Most times we advertise what we want to sell and not what the customer wants to buy. Look at your audience, your popular posts, comments… Do you think that you are selling what they want or what you think they need? I made the mistake of trying to sell what people need to them instead of first of all selling what they want and then easing them into what they really need. The problem with this is that you won’t get access to your potential customers.

Most times we advertise what we want to sell and not what the customer wants to buy. Click To Tweet

For example, if you have a largely female audience who like posts about flat tummy and you know that what they really need is to eat healthy and exercise but they want is something like a mantle that they can physically touch and will help them get a flat tummy, you can start by selling a gut cleansing plan that really works and will help them remove some inches from their waist in just a little time like the Forever clean 9 pack, or some individual products like the Forever Lean or Forever Therm to boost metabolism. After the initial success, you can then introduce your nutrition coaching plan which they will most likely now buy because you have built trust with them.

4. Create a plan: You know your followers, you know the kind of content they like, you know what they want, now plan how to make them ask for what they want from you. Create a series of posts (6-7 is ideal) that are similar to your popular posts. In all the posts except for the 4th and 7th, make passing references to your chosen product or service. In the 4th and 7th post, hard sell your product or service. Tell your audience why they need to buy it and especially from you. Add urgency and let them know it’s only available for a limited time. In future posts, I’ll teach you how to not only make one but many recurring sales by setting up emails using this same system which by the way is known as email marketing.

5. Have a seamless online payment system: Make sure that the link in your bio leads to an ordering or payment page or at least to your WhatsApp where clients can get your account number.

I’m sure if you try these steps, you will be able to make your first sale on Instagram and many more after that.

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