My feat, my experiences and my present reality

Almost 12 years ago, I graduated as the best student ever to attend the Oceanic bank leadership academy, the compulsory, pre confirmation orientation school for every entry level staff of the bank.

This picture was taken for the interview I granted the banks monthly in house magazine as a result of the record breaking feat πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ.

I remember being asked where I wanted to be in the next 5 – 10 years. Guess what I said?
Running my own consulting business.

My Dad, God rest his soul, read the article and exclaimed \\\”ah! Bunmi, sotiri iαΉ£αΊΉ nibomi ni?\\\” ( Have you found a job somewhere else?)

Honestly, I hadn\\\’t, but that was my sincere answer and that\\\’s exactly where I am today.

I worked at the bank for two more years and then resigned. In those two years, I gave more than I had in the previous three because I wanted to show that I wasn\\\’t scared of the work, it just wasn\\\’t for me.

However, I wouldn\\\’t trade the experience for anything:

I worked in sales, hated it, but now don\\\’t I sell? Isn\\\’t that what Visibility is all about – selling your brand online?

I worked in customer service, loved it, and it reflects in my staffing methods. You can\\\’t treat a customer right, you don\\\’t belong on my team, and no matter what you do in my team as a staff, I treat you with respect as my internal customer.

Lastly, I worked in treasury. Liked it but not too much as I didn\\\’t get to trade before leaving. However, my knowledge of booking deals and seeing trends helps me greatly with personal finance today.

I\\\’m done with my epistle.

What past experiences have shaped the way you work today?

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