3 reasons why you don\\\’t have online visibility outside Social Media.

Online visibility issues are a major source of concern for many. Online visibility is not automatic. It comes as a result of carefully orchestrated steps but it\\\’s rewards far outweigh the efforts.

In this post, I share with you, 3 of the many reasons why you are not visible online especially on Google search results.


Online Visibility Issues explained

  1. You are a tenant of many platforms, landlord of none: Instagram profile, ✔ Facebook page, maybe ✔     Self hosted blog/website ❌. Social Media gives great online publicity if you know your way around. But let\\\’s face it! How many of us are prepared to sacrifice the time and effort it takes to build visibility on social media?
  2. Besides, if these platforms suddenly close shop, would you still be in business? 💭💭💭💭
  3. You are a Digital snob. You only say hi to the neighbors who say hello first.😶
    So you go to blogs like Linda Ikeji\\\’s, Bella Naija, 360nobs and read every single comment on a popular post. You laugh out loud at all the silly comments, nod at the sensible ones and then you move on.
    Ah! See money on the table. I remember when I was a bridal makeup artist, someone saw my comment on a blog which I started with \\\”as an internationally trained makeup artist\\\” or something like that. ( I can\\\’t remember my exact words, it\\\’s been over 7 years). She called me from the UK to be her bridal makeup artist when she got married here in Ibadan. 💃💃💃💃💃
  4. You are always penny wise, yet none the wiser: You think I\\\’ll just keep trying to do this thing on my own, one day I will get it. Hian! Don\\\’t worry you are not alone. It happened to me until I calculated how much I was leaving on the table by doing everything on my own through trial and error. I started paying to learn or consult when I realized I was wasting time going round in circles. Sometimes I got things right, but a lot of times I didn\\\’t. Save yourself the headache. If you are interested in getting visible online, pay to learn from someone (like me) who has gone through the process multiple times with different businesses and has evidential results or consult them to do it on your behalf.

If you want to know more about how you can become more visible online such that you even become a notable authority in your field, then stick with me.

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