Truth be told,

2020 has been a tough year for many business owners in nigeria!

What if you could sell more this December to cushion the effect of  the pandemic and economic downturn on your business? 


I’m Olubunmi Fajuyigbe, a wellness and technology entrepreneur. I help business owners get their businesses online so that they can gain authority, visibility and more sales!

This year has taught us that those who are online have an edge above those who aren’t, and because social media is the easiest place to start, I’m sharing this 34 days calendar with you at the most ridiculous price ever!

This calendar is my way of giving back to business owners this year.


After our chat, I sat down, modified the message and sent  it to selected contacts, I have close to 10 clients already! 

I told my husband that tonight, I will sleep feeling fulfilled because I have seen the bigger picture!

Mrs D.F

You need this calendar if

  • You have attended several digital marketing and content creation trainings but you end up at the same place always – at a loss for what to post!
  • You have been posting and everybody is “looking away” because you only make sales-y posts and never what will be of interest to your audience
  • You hear people say that they sell online, but that has not been the case for you!

This is a sneak peek into the 10 page calendar

What you'll get

  • 34 days of engaging and converting content that can be used on Instagram and Facebook (It can also be tweaked for your Whatsapp stories)
  • List off apps that you can use to schedule your posts so that you don’t spend all your days in December posting instead of selling!
  • A 53 minutes video explaining, step by step, every action you need to take daily to ensure that you use the calendar properly to improve engagement on your page and convert the engagement to sales
I would normally price this at N5,000 but you are getting

All these at N1,999 only!

If you are thinking, i wish i could buy it but i'm not sure i can afford it right now, i gat u!

You can still get the detailed 34 days calendar without the explainer video at……. 

guess how much?

N999.00 only!

You can’t keep wallowing in self pity and not do anything about the situation. This is a huge chance to cover up for the slow sales you have been experiencing this year.

I can’t wait to read your testimonials in Jan 2021!