Why copycat marketing doesn\\\’t work

My friend posts 5 times on Instagram and she recently sold out her training program, My cousin has a Facebook group where he has built an audience of 5000 people. They buy his courses and books, he\\\’s now a big boy. ⠀

Therefore, I\\\’m going to start posting 5 times on Instagram whether I have something sensible to post or not and I\\\’m going to start a Facebook group even though I\\\’m not a very good community manager and I have not ascertained where my customers are and what they need.⠀
What do you think my results will be? Your guess is as good as mine.⠀

Unfortunately, this is what most of us do. No data, no strategy, no plans. We just look around and find someone to copy then complain when we seem not to get results. ⠀

Why will you not get desired results?⠀

1. You are probably supposed to be on a different platform targeting a different set of clients⠀

2. Your personality and Visibility type may not be the same whose you are copying

3. Your organizational structure May differ. If for example, you are a solopreneur copying someone who actually employed a social media manager to do the SM marketing while he/she is focused on the actual work, you may wear yourself out trying to keep up.⠀

What\\\’s the solution:⠀

🌸 Know who your customers are⠀
🌸 Know where they are online⠀
🌸 Chose the platform(s) that best align with their needs and your abilities.⠀
🌸 Learn the basics of marketing on your chosen platform(s)⠀
🌸 Have a plan! Your own plan.⠀

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