• I know what it’s like to have a skill, gift, product or service that can change the world positively for those who need you.
  • I also know how it feels to be stuck in a job you don’t really like (or having to leave your job for your home) when you’d much rather be using your gifts to make a change.
  • I understand when people feel they are not worthy to lead others, to share their magic, to even believe they have magic at all!
  • I understand how it feels to start a coaching/training business and not have clients because nobody don’t know who you are.

I understand all of these, because I’ve been there.

I want to help you come out of the feelings of fear, inadequacy, helplessness and help you get delivered from digital illiteracy. 

I want to support you to build thought leadership, through visibility so that you can start making impact and profit doing what you love.

How cAN we work together?

online courses

 Whether you choose a mini course or a signature course, there’s something significant to run with that will immediately improve your online visibility.



Visibility requires several elements some of which are having a blog/website, search engine optimization, content management and more

personal coaching

Do you want my personal input? Then let’s have a chat. Here will will talk about your visibility status and what you need to do to start impacting and profiting immediately. 

online visibility workshop

visibility workshops

Attend an intensive, no holds barred face to face workshop where you will learn how to build thought leadership, get visible, optimize your online presence for search,  and more.