Your business is a ministry

Call me biased, but I\\\’m usually more excited to work with brands that impact lives and are aware of it.
Brands that know that their light is actually not theirs, but a reflection of God\\\’s light.

I remember as a makeup artist, once I was done with my work, I would ask the bride\\\’s permission to pray with them and speak a word of blessing into their homes. I was really particular about fruitfulness and undying love.

With the fitness business, it\\\’s not actually really, about the exercises, its about spreading joy. There\\\’s always a lot of laughter going on at the gym and I never employ moody people.

Even now, I see this as an opportunity to beam the light on people who have the ability to change lives with what they do. And I try to pray (on my own) for every client I work with because their success is my success.

This I learnt from following Tara durotoye, to see your business as a ministry, as an opportunity to reflect the light that God is beaming on you.

Do you see your business as a ministry? Tell me how in a comment below.

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