Entrepreneur. Trainer.
Freelance digital strategist. Light igniter.

Online visibility


Olubunmi Fajuyigbe

I am the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. Matt 5:14

I am a wellness entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, freelance digital strategist and a trainer who is passionate about healthy families and empowering women with knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital economy.

How may I help you?

I’ve been blogging for over 12 years, been in full time business for 9 years, and running a non profit for over 2 years. 

Here are 3 of the ways I can share my experience, knowledge and expertise with you to establish clarity and online visibility for your personal or business brand online.

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Strategy sessions

One on one hourly in person or online sessions where I act as a sounding board for your ideas and we discuss your visibility plan and create a digital strategy.

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Online courses

Years of blogging, digital strategy, female empowerment and training experience distilled into online courses that can be taken wherever you are across multiple devices.

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Digital services

I offer digital services and training in areas such as website design, blog design and set-up, on-page optimization, content development and more.

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